Is it true? Can it be?? Am I really this smitten with J.Crew's Fall 2010 collection?! Whoa. Dude.

I admit, I've got some good ol' staples (striped tees, mostly) from the consistently overpriced, bordering on pretentious suburban soccer mom brand. But in general (and as you probably figure at this point) I'm less inclined toward the linen-blend-embellished-tank-and-kitten-heels as much as the grommet-ridden-studs-n-metal-on-black-on-top-of-black-and-more-black-grounded-with-a-stupidly-monumental-pair-of-platforms. Having said that, there is a certain grungy, rock and roll edge to J.Crew's latest collection, thanks to my new girl crush - J.Crew's Creative Director, Jenna Lyons:

Her style is a tad preppy for my taste, but I dig the extremes she favors which echo my own: if it's skinnies I'm wearing, they're super skinny; if they're wide leg, they're super super wide; I'm not a chinos kinda person.

Amen sister. Death to the Midwest uniform. Here's what's making me say huh? Uh-huuuuuh:

Even beyond her whimsical yet edgy Fall 2010 collection, Lyons has impeccable taste on the home front. I fell in LOOOOOVE with her dressing room months ago, and the rest of her epic Brooklyn pad is equally as awe-inspiring and totally cool:

There's a certain sensibility and calm to the home- as if not a care in the world enters those pristine brownstone double doors. Sparse, albeit masterfully selected pieces give the eye a taste of excitement here and there, but most thankfully not everywhere(that mirror above the fireplace! the artwork above the OTHER fireplace!) Black and white and muted tones, to perfection. The VIEW during morning coffee. It's all just so whoa, so moi, so so so... Jenna Lyons. Love her - home, work, style, aura. Brava!

And as for my deep dark secret - I've been pouring over J.Crew catalogs for years. But now, I might actually bite! (Don't tell Miss Sixty, they'll loathe my betrayal for sure.)

*Styx, signing off
(images courtesy of habituallychic.com)

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