What the bluchk?

I'm baffled by a few social faux pas('s?), those irksome, left-eyebrow raising behaviors that seem commonplace (at least in good ol' passive aggressive Minnie). Here's my current (not so) favorite:
Talking on the cell phone while on the pot in a public restroom. I witness this at minimum once a week in the office loo. Really? Becky's awful outfit from last night's cocktail party discussion can't wait two minutes for you to finish your bidness in a sanitary fashion? Because believe you me, these are the same folks who think two seconds of water sprinkle (if they even go that extra step) is sufficient, post-bidness. Does the caller on the other end REALLY want to hear what's going on here? Methinks no. Ah, yes, ok, and then to top it off, this cesspool of germs and ignoble chatter is your next interviewee! Oh, yay! And you "get" to shake their post-bidness-barely-water-powdered phalanges! Greaaaaat. Oy vay, chivalry is DEAD!!

(And I am clearly in need of a Prozac refill.)

Join me, then, to a happy place: Garance Dore

Garance Dore's latest video installment- A Month In Fashion, serving as a sort of culmination of the whirlwind Fashion Weeks that just ended, is diviiiiiiine. Take me there. Where? Oh silly, I don't care. Choose a major market and I'll be pleased. New York, Milan, Paris. At this point, I don't care. If it means I don't have to be the third wheel in another stranger's "potty" prattle, I'm THERE!

*Styx, signing out
(image courtesy of garancedore.fr/en)

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