My highly anticipated trip to South Carolina is less than two months away, and I just learned of one exciting new tidbit: the Spoleto Festival will be taking place at the exact time I'm down there. Wunderbar!! The Spoleto Festival is an annual music and theatre performance event in Charleston, SC which, since its 1977 inception, has become one of the world's leading premier festivals for artists. I've been collecting Spoleto Festival posters to frame and hang any time I can get my hands on one (Grandma Punky is particularly helpful with that, since she lives an hour north of Charleston). And now I am elated to have the chance to experience the event in person.

So the burning question is, who/what to check out? I admit I don't recognize any of the names in their line-up (which is somewhat the point- giving exposure to the lesser known acts around the world rather than added PR for the big names), but for certain jazz is at the top of my short list. Check THIS out and shoot me a line if you have any burning recommendations.

To further assist with the visual appeal of what I'm so juiced about, here are some lovely shots of Charleston- an amazing, historic city (that nearly added me to their college basketball roster, except mama wouldn't let me go....) It really is a magical place, and I simply can't wait to hit the city again, and the festival finally!

*Styx, signing off

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