I like to plan. I get my ducks in a row, make arrangements as needed and then count down the days with excitement and anticipation for what is to come. Give me a game plan, and I'll run the play. But leaving things to chance? Last minute arrangements as a way of life? Not for me. I'm all for spontaneity, but I love the process of planning for a special event or trip. Which is why I'm planning for my 30th birthday bonanza now, despite the fact that I haven't turned 29 yet (but I'm already calling myself 29, to myself.. it's only two months away). Hecate and I agreed that France would be an ideal locale. We LOVED Paris, Lyon, Nice, Corsica, Dijon, and every wine vineyard in between, last we visited in 2001. So considering our undeniable affection for the European stunner, France is top of list.

But then, I came across this:
So how 'bout Santorini, sis? And Bre? And anyone else interested in a week of unadulterated renewal and relaxation? The jury's still out, and I'm still gung ho about Provence (France), but I need to get planning so...... Any other suggestions?? Current score: tie between France and Santorini.

And since we're talking about France, I experienced a strange blast from the past with this photo, which oddly and closely resembles very kitchen in the Brooklyn loft Senor Sperm Donor temporarily lived in...
(If I lost you, just enjoy the pick and imagine me cooking up late night brownies for a bunch of visiting Frenchies in this glorious kitchen. The rest, as we know it, is history.)

*Styx, signing off
(images courtesy of decorno.com)

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