Hecate and Styx have a great friend, Breanna Carlson, who pretty much kicks arse in every respect. She's incredibly smart (professor at Parsons and F.I.T. in NYC), talented (jet-setting architect), accomplished (the degrees and credentials are too numerous to count), fun (viva Miami!), funny (you carried people on your back through the rising water in Venice for REAL?), GORGEOUS, and point blank- a wonderful person. We don't see enough of her up here in the Arctic Circle, but that's why we attempt to document our time together as much as possible. Anyone lucky enough to spend time in this woman's company would be wise to take advantage- she's an incredibly special woman. (I mean, just look at her - she's a work of art)

Last month, Hecate and Bre went to a wedding together (holy hot couple alert) ((yeah right)), and I had the opportunity to hang with those stunning creatures for a night. Followed by Sunday brunch at Hell's Kitchen (go there! ASAP!! It's que ridiculo!!!). The evidence of our happy fun times together:

We enjoyed a wonderful meal at Uptown Italian joint - Rinata. Great food, great wine, questionable service (seems to be the trend these days), and terrific company. If you're in the mood for some pasta, eggplant, bruschetta, or Frank singing "Fly Me to the Moon", head to Rinata. Well worth it.

The next day, Hecate and Bre headed to Montgomery, MN to kick up some dirt, and give the rural town some of the most excitement they've seen since the cowboys and Indians settled their differences. Wonder if anyone noticed they were there??

And the weekend came to a close at Hell's Kitchen, with another amazing friend - Brandy Pickens. Talk about woman power -- between the four of us we have an impressive resume (professional, personal, and otherwise...) and closets full of luscious shoes!

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