As is always, and I mean always, as in without exception, the case in le fashion monde - the 'old' becomes 'new'. Not necessarily within a couple few years of trend termination, but at some point 10 or 20 years down the line, all trends make a comeback. Can't say I was hip to the shoulder pad thang back in the '80s (though Ma Dukes toooootally was, this I remember fondly, and painfully all at the same time). So the resurgence of shoulder pads a la Balmain doesn't drum up any nostalgic sartorial feelings for me. But the latest "what's big in 2010" definitely does: Military style. According to trendhunter.com:

Military fashions are super hot for spring and the Vogue US March 2010 issue is taking it pretty literally. The designer looks include pieces from Burberry, Prorsum and Chloe and feature the models in a variety of neutral shades.

Army green trenches, beige cargo pants and playful wrap dresses are standout pieces from this military-inspired shoot and my favorite is definitely the green coat with intricate sleeve detailing and shoulder fringe.

Trenches! Cargo pants! Burberry! Chloe! What fun! I fondly recall being head over platforms for the military trend back in the early 2000's, and remember that lonesome (but strangely style-changing) night in my Warehouse District loft where I decided to venture out to the little corner store, buy some Chips Ahoy cookies and a bottle of vino, and the latest ELLE magazine with Erin Wasson on the cover. The clerk asked "Is that you?" referring to the cover of the utterly flawless Wasson. Shocked and speechlessly flattered, I said no, and blushed my way back home. (He must have mistaken me for a friggin' supermodel, I told myself, because the hat I was wearing was similar to that of Wasson.. Or maybe it's just because we're both white.. Whatever the case, I'm still flattered to this day.) Fingering through that issue on my bright yellow futon, stuffing myself silly with fake cookies with Guru's "Jazzmatazz" in the background, was magic -- Adriana Lima was fitted in loads of military-inspired looks, lots of baggy pants with little jackets, hats, hard core platform boots.. It was one of the more inspirational articles I've paged through in my time, and so I'm loving the resurgence of the look.

Here's what the latest Vogue had to "say" about the military look for 2010:

I'm just glad I hung on to those Miss Sixty baggy cargo's that I nearly wore to shreds years ago. (Although I had a much bigger booty then, so it's almost like a whole new look this time around!) Bring it, Spring! Bring it!!!

*Styx, signing out

(images courtesy of trendhunter.com)

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