Restaurant you must visit before you go to any other restaurant Styx may have said you must visit: Cafe Ena

We tried to eat here once before, but were a tad late for their 9pm last call for food (one of the restaurant's only drawbacks). No turning us away this time- no sir. We got a nice little table outside, and were greeted with some of the best fresh baked bread and que ridiculo homemade butter -- needless to say we cleaned out two bread baskets in short order. The sangria was delicious, as one would expect from a Latin cuisine hotspot. Our salad was so fresh, and light, with a citrus dressing - yeah, we wiped that one out in no time too. And the entree- cardamom encrusted salmon atop a melange of asparagus, artichokes, red peppers, and topped with a mango chutney - fantastico!

And then, dessert. For us, dessert is like a sacred ritual. No, more like a responsibility. Or a duty. Yes, it is our civic duty to consume exorbitant amounts of sugar, chocolate, and calories - lest we fail you all as fine food-loving gastronomes. So our unanimous choice was in favor of the churros. Oh holy mother of the most high. (I think I drooled just thinking about them!) Think long mini-doughnuts (of the finest variety) with some warmed chocolate ganache for dipping, and a dollop of cinnamon ice cream - just for perfection's sake.

Cafe Ena - yeah baby.

Styx and Hecate, enjoying Cafe Ena's Pescado entree y una sangria deliciosa.

Ah, yes, and Styx did wear THOSE boots:

Lob. Burning lob.

Next on the hit list - Evolution Experience. I'll just put it to you plain: if you want the most amazingly awesome, talented, gorgeous, celebrated and totally rad hair god of the world, then go to Matt. He's the best. Period. Ma Dukes, Hecate and I have been seeing Matt for over a decade, and his pure genius with the shears (and the dye bottle) never ceases to amaze. Shucks, even Junior's saddling up in Matt's chair now.

Knowing how painfully cool Matt and co-owner Mike are, we expected nothing short of a dope party. And it was. The remodel of their salon is spectacular, of course they drew a crowd of total beautes, the alcohol overfloweth, and the jams were on point. Amber- you beautiful being, it was great seeing you again. Suffice to say, we left the party about 10 lbs lighter from all the sweaty-a** rump shakin'. Thank you Matt and Mike - you rock our Underworld.

The Revolution of Evolution Salon

Hecate and the unmatched Matt Swinney, co-owner of Evolution and hair god to the fam.

Styx and Amber

Evolution custom granite wall (amaaazing), Styx, Hecate