Welcome one and all to Hecate & Styx!

After many years of late nights, fights, discussions, and long covetous glances thrown over glossy magazine spreads and blogs, Styx and I have deduced that the time has come for us to share our signature style-loving musings with you on this public forum.

Hailing from the Underworld (learn more about that in our Profile), we are self-professed fashion victims and champions concurrently – motivated by the relishable self-expression of fashion as art. The strange, brooding syncretization of masculine/feminine and personal swagger define so many elements of our aesthetic. Why not share some of the inspiration?

As Hecate, I shall post things in the dark of night. Count on commentary in mini-article form that ranges from news events, art, food, music, politics, scientific findings, movies, reviews on hair and cosmetic products/tools, literary criticism, and finally-- a little fashion discourse too.

Styx will brighten your day with her on-trend lusts and musts. There will be copious photos from the street, from the dressing room, in addition to notes on findings in vintage shops and in friendly neighborhood best-friend’s closets. Décor in the home, recipes, and advice on shopping for a very chic toddler will be in the mix. A hiccup of wit may find its way onto the blog and, well, anything else that compels us to entertain you with our flights and fancies.

We make no promises! We take no prisoners!

We do however, encourage feedback... if you wish to do so, please feel free to contact us via email at hecate.styx@gmail.com.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Now let’s ROCK…


Hecate & Styx

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