Anyone familiar with my diagnosable psychological disorder of fixating will agree that- good or bad- if I want something, I get after it. For the last few years, I've been mildly engaged in the act of fixating on getting myself onto a nice bike (no, not Specialized or Bianchi, more like Ducati or BMW). Well, friends, the degree of my obsession has quadrupled over the last year, and I'm siding with Napoleon Hill on this one: "Don't wait. The time will never be just right." (Yeah, sure, he was talking about taking professional leaps and asserting one's self to think outside the occupational box- not motorcycles- but it's all relative as far as I'm concerned.)

So, bless Silent Bob, my buddy who has realized my dream (he's a Ducati owner), who sent me this article today to deepen the pool of saliva I've created just dreaming of these inconceivably sexy machines:

And sure, as is always the case, it's fun to dream and wish and want and forget the reality: these bikes ain't cheap and there's a foot of snow out there right now. Nay nay nay I tell you! I'm an optimist, remember? I think positive, uplifting, Naploleon Hill-like thoughts. I fixate! So the following conversation ensued between me and Silent Bob, concluding with a resounding "Yes! Yes! Yes! Give me Ducati or give me death!!". The edited version:

SB: Saw this link today (queue NY Times article)
STYX: I need one. Stat.
SB: Yes, you do. I can see you on a Ducati Sport Classic.
STYX: Isn't that funny.. I can too. (visualizing the attack) ((reality check: those things require money)) (((shit, gotta get a second job, or ditch the kid.. whichever comes first))) ((((what the f* is wrong with me? The kid's a total chick magnet. Ok, gotta get a second job.)))) (((((f*)))))
SB: ((((((wait... kid + bike = I'd be unstoppable))))))
STYX: (((((((wait... kid + bike + current state of affairs = I'd be unstoppable AND broke))))))) ((((((((AWESOME!!!)))))))
SB: ((((((((wait.. Italian bike = endless combos with Italian boots = stupid awesome))))))))
STYX: (((((((((even better- if I stop incessantly buying new boots, I could maybe perhaps one day possibly potentially perchance buy a bike!! Genius!!!!)))))))))
SB: ((((((((((ooooooooor, I could indulge both of these and be the baddest b* this side of Bologna)))))))))) (((((((((((why does it feel like I'm talking to the devil?)))))))))))

...Which is about the point when I digress, I write down what I want, and then a plan to get it done. Yep, it's the new year. Anything's possible. Like these, to compliment my new Ducati*:

Isabel Marant. Drooooooooool.

* I love my child more than life itself. No, I'm not pawning him for a bad a** Italian - bike, boots, bello uomo, or otherwise. He's the only non-negotiable in this Ducati deal. The rest is fair game..

*Styx, signing off*
(Ducati image courtesy of Silent Bob, boot image courtesy of trendycrew.com)

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